Dual Fuel Carburetor For:

  • Honda
  • Ryobi
  • Mac-Afric
  • Omega
  • Pentamark
  • Grip
  • Alpina
  • Gen-Tech
  • Mgener
  • Ingco
  • Genmate
  • Total
  • Target
  • Yamaha
  • Embassy
  • Ecco
  • Sunny
  • Kipor
  • Genpower
  • And More!

Installation center distance: 54.2mm

Model: C4.5A8-LPG

Horsepower: 11.7HP, 13HP, 15HP and 16HP

Rated voltage: 220/110V

Engine type:GX360, GX390, GX420 / 188F, 190F, 192F

Dual natural carburetor available, in stock, no need to change your generator. You can switch between petrol and gas LPG/CNC. Save money today, for a better tomorrow with our LP Gas Conversion Kits